Friday, 8 November 2013

String Art :)

Hey guy :) Todays post is directly from the blog I visited few days back :)

In her words:
This time I'm showing you how to make some string art for the little one’s room!

Rather than deal with hammers and cutting wood, I decided to do this project using cork tiles.  Not only are they easy to find and inexpensive, they're also very lightweight so you don't have to worry about them falling off the wall and hurting anyone.
Here are the supplies you'll need:

Stack the cork tiles on top of each other and use your contact cement to glue them together.  Put them under some heavy books for an hour or so to allow to dry completely.
I really wanted the look of a white background for my string art so I decided to paint the cork.  If you're fine with the cork color/texture background, then feel free to skip this step.  I used some leftover latex paint I had and a styrofoam mini roller — nothing special.
Once the paint has dried, flip your cork tile over and apply your hanging strips.  Do this now so that you don't have to deal with it once all your nails are in.
Create your template using whatever font you like.  My “c” is 900 pts big for your reference.  Center your template on your cork tiles and tape it down.
Trace the outline of your letter with your linoleum nails by pushing them in right over the paper. The cork is nice and soft so they should push in pretty easily. {NOTE:  If you’re working with a letter that has a center such as a D or an O, you don’t have to cut out the center of the template.  Push the nails right into the cork over the paper.}
When you've traced the entire template, carefully remove the paper.  Work slowly and you’re nails will stay in place.  Now your canvas is ready for stringing!
Tie your string in a double knot onto your first nail now, and start weaving in a back and forth fashion.  The less you think about this the better.  I actually found it to be quite therapeutic. Just let it flow.  If you don't like the way a certain section looks, unwind and do it again.  It’s very forgiving.
When you reach the end of your letter, tie another double knot onto your last nail.  Trim and you're done!
What do you think?  Will you be trying some string art of your own?  If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you can follow this same technique and do a whole name like below, the steps are very similar, just on a larger scale!
Source: Honey And Fitz